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The Executive Committee plans to organize two events every calendar quarter for members and friends, targeting a total of 6 to 8 events a year. The events are normally hosted after working hours on a weekday in a causal and congenial format such as a Happy Hour gathering or an

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Evening Dinner event.

Happy Hour gathering is more on informal for small group discussion on a specific topic. Evening Dinner event is more on formal thematic discussions or topic presentation.

The meeting events may comprise of:

1. Thematic discussions;

2. Invited topic presentations;

3. Sponsored topic presentations;

4. Informational on deal road shows by members;

5. Wine tasting or with food pairing;

6. Members’ suggestion.

The Executive Committee will also look to invite senior management individuals of publicly listed companies to speak about potential market impact events or to share insights into Corporate Governance issues, and these will then be followed by an interactive Questions & Answers discussion session.


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